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Xanatos tries to fire from his arm-cannon only to have it kind of blow up in his face since Bronx already chewed it up

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Oz did not discuss the recent large study conducted by Joseph Feste, M.D., and Mike Clark, PhD., also published in the Bariatrician, which further documented the effectiveness of the diet

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Towards the end of our conversation I uttered, “I trusted you and you hurt me.” For just a moment, I felt something—that I could be reaching him

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After the industrial transformation during the 1970s, a number of new industries emerged, including chemicals, refining, metals and machinery, food processing, and pharmaceuticals

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The restraints imposed by the Church upon scientific investigation were gradually dispelled

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But hospitals also can leverage its data to decide whether there are opportunities to expand their services to support the types of substance abuses that are more widespread among their populations.