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Ginseng at 10.74 is 10 silver and 74 copper for one ginseng.
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I’m amazed at how ostracizing and hateful the queer community can be
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Left to make your own way in an unfamiliar place: then there’s an opportunity for self-understanding, for growth
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For my foot pain I finally saw a podiatrist instead of my GP and was diagnosed with Charcot joint as the right foot felt warm and had mild swelling
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Employees who have more than three weeks of vacation can sell vacation days for cash.
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Therefore, regular consumption of fortified foods or supplementation with 25 to 100 micrograms of B12 daily is recommended for people over 50."
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The students don't realize how they're affecting the economy."
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I have a goal to loose 22lbs in a month… ACCO Engineered Systems is one of the largest mechanical