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I flew to Uppsala to meet the lead researcher, Professor Magnus Essand, and asked him, if I could raise the cash he needed, whether he would restart work on his unpronounceable bug.
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In March 1957 Presley purchased Graceland, a former church that had been converted into a 23-room mansion; the next month “All Shook Up” began an eight-week run at Number One
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Stopping caffeine too quickly can increase the side effects of lithium.
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Valuation of wetland has always remained a challenge for the empirical, environmental and ecological economists
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I motsetning til TCA, de sjelden fre til bivirkninger som munntrrhet, forstoppelse, eller svimmelhet
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He came home from the hospital & was addicited to the Valium
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The disorder begins with a terrifying ordeal that threatens physical harm, the sort of horrifying violence that is the daily business of war
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place} {more|much more|a lot more} {frequently|often|regularly} {during|throughout} {initial|preliminary}
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Endpoints labeled as primary in summaries were sometimes secondary in studies
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