Venezia header: Piazza San Marco - Riva degli Schiavoni


(Charlatans & Tumblers)

Charlatans, magicians, acrobats always have been the heart of the Carnival of Venice.

In the San Marco square different stages for various types of shows, magic tricks, music, blossomed during Carnival time.

And tourists coming from all over the (known!) world, gladly participated to the celebrations.

In the 17th century as of today, things don't change that much, after all …

"Intartenimento che dano ogni giorno
li ciarlatani in Piazza di S.Marco
al Populo d'ogni natione che matina e sera,
ordinariamente, un concore."

"Entertainment given every day
from charlatans in San Marco square
to the populations of every country
to which, ordinarily, everyone participates."

Engraving: Ciarlatani in Piazza San Marco - 1610
Giacomo Franco: "Ciarlatani in Piazza San Marco"
engraving (1610)

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