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All about the Rio de Janeiro Carnaval, color, samba!

Hello everybody,
welcome to the special section of the website dedicated to the Carnival of Rio de Janeiro.

What you see here on the background is the "calçadão de Copacabana", the pattern you will find on the Copacabana Beach sidewalk, and it will always be with us in this section, so if you don't see it anymore, it means you are in a different area of the website.

My name is Roberto Delpiano, photographer for work and for passion, and I have been taking pictures at the Rio de Janeiro Carnaval a few years, so I am putting some of my best pictures online. You will find about a hundred of them in this section.

Needless to say I have the high resolution files that are suitable for all editorial uses, so don't feel shy about asking if you can buy their right of use.
Yes you can, please do, it pays some of my rent. Just click on contact.

And if you are interested in carnivals, please check out the Carnevale di Venezia section or the San Francisco Carnival section.

Have fun!


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