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Watercolor by Giovanni Grevembroch: "Donna vestita da spirito folletto"
Giovanni Grevembroch: "Donna vestita da spirito folletto"
watercolor (18th century)


(Ghostly Spirit)

Quite inconvenient mask here: at the point it got prohibited!

A young woman is portrayed here wearing the “Cendale” or “Zendale”, which is the traditional Venetian hood worn underneath the tricorno hat and over the Venetian cloak (tabarro).

This is sort of the typical attire normally used by women in Venice to go to church on Sunday, but with a somewhat “horny / devilish looking” hard decoration mask.

Ghostly Spirits they were called, “Spiriti Folletti”, and they didn’t talk but would yell at the top of their voices ...

The portrayed woman here is impersonating the spirit of carnival, the devilish madness of these celebrations.

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