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VENICE IS TRADITION: Carnevale is Venice's tradition

From the beginning of the Serenissima Republic when Venice was the center of the known world, lots of water has passed under the bridges (literally!).

Venice the beautiful. A small town which thanks to the hard work and creativity of its inhabitants surged to the highest ranks in power and splendor.

And thanks to the peculiarity of being "protected by the water" and hard to move in its streets, it has been almost militarily unbeatable for centuries.

Find in these pages flashes of Carnival traditions, of habits that were very well alive back then (from the XII up to the XIX century) and which today are considered just curiosity, but still bear the imprint of a glorious past.

And, anyway, from the way the ancient Carnival was, Venetians have to love it really much to keep it going and having fun!

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Color Illustration by Maurice Sand: Pantalone - year 1550
Maurice Sand: Pantalone (year 1550)
etching with hand coloring

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