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(Cautious Tease)

This is a curious mask that was going around Venice in Carnival time.

Meaning can be translated with something like: cautious tease.

The logic: "Kids are a pain in the neck and noisy. Making them tired restores the adults' quiet living".

With this purpose in mind the Pulcinella masks would tease kids offering them the "confetti", very desirable Venetian sweets, using a fishing pole so they wouldn't easily grab them.

Confetti are very hard to reach - of course - thus achieving the purpose of making the kids tired.

Simple solutions are usually the best ones.

Watercolor by Giovanni Grevembroch: "Facetia Prudente"
Giovanni Grevembroch: "Facetia Prudente"
pen, ink & watercolor (18th century)
Museo Correr - Venezia

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