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Engraving by Francesco Bertelli: Sailor with his servant? - Il Carnevale Italiano Mascherato - engraving (1642)
Francesco Bertelli: "Ferrarese sailor mask with his servant?"
Il Carnevale Italiano Mascherato - engraving (1642)

Sailor mask? Ferraresi?

(Trust me mask)

Two men and one woman, they are not in traditional Venice Carnival's dresses, one is dressed more like a sailor, and one of them (the one on the right) is a Zanni, the servant.

In another printing of this image they are defined as Ferraresi, so we take them that way.

The fact the main guy is telling the woman to trust him, may give the idea that he just "picked her up".
A new Carnival conquest?

No other information about this image, just my guesses.

“Fideve pur di me che l' zane tasa
e cosi mascherati andiamo a casa”

“You can trust me that the Zanni won't say anything
and masked as we are we're going home ”

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