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Could this be one of the numerous Pulcinella looks in the history of this Commedia dell'Arte character? Could very well be.

Let's just remember that Pulcinella is the classic, beloved Neapolitanian character, almost a symbol of the city itself.

Naples = Vesuvio = Spaghetti = Pulcinella.

Pulcinella was born/created in Naples -in the South of Italy- during the second half of the XVI century.

The character was invented by an actor of the Commedia dell' Arte: Silvio Fiorillo, and this engraving by Francesco Bertelli is from mid XVII century.

Here Pulcinella is wearing an uncommon top hard-top "coppolone" hat - like in a Tiepolo painting - and has a white mask ...

but hey! it's Carnival!

Engraving by Francesco Bertelli: "Maschera da Pulisinella" - 1642
Francesco Bertelli: "Maschera da Pulisinella"
Il Carnevale Italiano Mascherato - engraving (1642)

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