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Spirit of Carnival

Here is shown the Spirit of Carnival, in an allegorical engraving of the time.

It brings the idea of renovation, with several symbolic elements:

  • music on his dress
  • food and drinks on his dress
  • the wild horse (sexuality?)
  • the planted seeds (or it's money pouring out of the guy's wallet?)
  • the Moon on the hat (night time, all day long?)
  • the flowers (gallant time of the year)
  • the expressionless white face, the "volto" mask: Carnival.

This is all my interpretation, since I didn't find anything further about it, but I liked the image.


Engraving by Anonimo: "Allegoria di Carnevale"
Anonymous: "Allegoria di Carnevale"
engraving - Museo Correr - Venezia

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