Wide view of Venice: Piazza San Marco - Riva degli Schiavoni

Welcome to the Italian Carnival


the bauta - traditional venitian mask

ItalianCarnival.com intends to be the most detailed and complete presentation of the great Carnival of Venice: the first carnival and the most widely known, and in some respects the wildest one, where just about everything was happening.

On the side, ItalianCarnival.com, will also propose as much information as possible about masks and history of the Commedia dell’Arte , and about other Carnival celebrations which are the more diffused in Italy: Rome, Naples & Florence.

These pages are finally getting a new home, after having been displayed on the delpiano.com website since 1997.

The “leitmotif” for ItalianCarnival.com are the images and the stories they tell us, which is the leading reason of this work.

These images come, as mediums, as engravings, etchings, watercolos, drawings and oil paintings of those times, available documentation found on the web and the books I have had access too.

The information you will find on this website has been researched and developed to showcase all history, elegance and fun, the Carnival of Venice has offered along the centuries.

The Web is a huge universal library - as we all know - but everything is quite scattered, and the right material is not always easy to find and put together, so I did it according to my time and material availability.

And if there is some info which may not be correct, please let me know.



ART of the XVIII century:

There is a new website I am working on that is sort of a continuation of the Venice Carnival story: is the website about Antonio Canal, better known as CANALETTO.


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