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May 1998 - Front Coversee the cover picture in all its glory

MAY 1998
POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY dedicates 2 pages (and more) to my Rio Carnival photography taking.

Sure, it is not easy to get good shots at the sambodrome in Rio de Janeiro, people move fast and light is strong for viewing, but never enough to get high shutter speeds.
(I.e. it is difficult to obtain good pictures with a telephoto lens without the use of a tripod

It is of course a very big satisfaction for me to have my pictures published on a magazine so famous and followed as Popular Photography is, so I would like you people to go read the article written by senior editor Peter Kolonia. There you will find good hints on how to come home with neat pictures on your "Rio de Janeiro carnival trip", or good tips on how to shoot under fluorescent lights (typical stadium lighting).


How to shoot Carnivals

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