Web Design

Communication of the 21th century

Web design is what I do most these days.
Or better yet, since a few years is the most practiced branch of my work, income, occupation, call it as you like.

It is not my mission though.
My mission is to make myself and my family happy.
And my clients are my family too. They are usually nice folks, I don't like working for clients not being nice. Sorry.

Money is not all in life. Happiness is.

I do the planning, the designing, sometimes the texts, all the images, all the creative and not creative repetitive part of web design, coding, scripting, linking and all.

Why? Because Web Design, more than any other thing is a very integrated work. All parts of a web site are connected very closely.
It's not really functional to say: you do the graphics, I do the text and xyz does the pagination.

Yeah, it might work for a big agency, with huge bills at the end of the line, for ending up doing exactly what a skilled designer can do for a fraction of the cost.
It doesn't work for me and my clients.

I am not and don't want to be a big agency, or I will have to give up my saxophone playing and other things which make my life more pleasant, and my results more creative.

Although I mainly use Dreamweaver for my coding, I work in raw HTML most of the time, due to the software's redundant code creation.



Interactivity is done through PHP and Javascript, Flash, sometimes, Ipad's not too happy about that.

Why PHP? Because it's cool, user friendly, good for protecting my clients' data, open source and powerful!

And Flash also is part of my tool-chest, although I prefer to work "SEO-oriented", with the Search Engine Optimization in mind at all times, and a Flash-only website, although very cool (and easier to make ...) does not respond well to Search Engines.
We're talking Google here ...

We want to be found in cyberspace, right?

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