1993 - Rio de Janeiro, RJ


Rio de Janeiro, RJ BRASIL - August 1993
IICR - Istituto Italiano di Cultura do Rio de Janeiro
Casa de Cultura Laura Alvim



This has been an tribute exhibition to the city of Torino, where I lived 30 years.

Torino's been for centuries a noble and rich city, Unification of Italy and the first Parliament took place there, arts, fashion, cinema, technology started in Torino.

For some time technology and ever present industry took over, relegating Torino to a secondary role in the Italian cultural scenario.

But now Art, Jazz and other artistic initiatives are growing in this third Millennium, if the typical "bugianen" mentality of the Turinese people will change a bit, things should get better.

Thanks to the contribution of the Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Rio de Janeiro, I could put up a 360o cultural view of this noble town, its baroque, and its people, now facing a process of globalization.

On exhibition were 43 B/W panoramic pictures, representing from Baroque to suburban, from art to tradition and folklore.


1996 - Rio de Janeiro, RJ


Rio de Janeiro, RJ BRASIL - February 1996
IICR - Istituto Italiano di Cultura do Rio de Janeiro
Casa de Cultura Laura Alvim



An exhibition about the Venice Carnival pictures I had taken in 1995.

With the help of a dear friend, the creative mind of the Carnival of Venice, Bruno Tosi, I got to photograph all the best of those incredible days, and put on a show of 50 colorful pictures in the Laura Alvim Art Center in Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro, right in front of the wonderful beach. I made also an historical section showing the original masks and traditions, and it seems Cariocas appreciated it very much.

Can't tell, though, since I was in Venice taking care of my other exhibit, and especially shooting and shooting more images.

50 pictures + some historical panels were on display for a couple nice summer weeks right in front of Ipanema beach.

And I learned a great lesson: there is nothing better than not to be present at the inauguration of your exhibition and thus offer the image of the "absent, busy artist".

The magic, the gossiping, I didn't have to shake hands and tell everybody how "oh yeah, it was so much fun ..." when I well knew that for taking that particular picture I had to run through the crowd elbowing everybody (children included), slipping and almost falling a couple times, with 40 pounds of photographic equipment hanging from my sore neck, and cursing all along the way because my right shoe was chewing through the bleeding ankle...



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