3D Design

When working in the technical field it is also very important to be able to master the construction of non-existent objects to present the novelty to the web public as fast as possible.

The image of a product-to-be is necessary too, crucial sometimes, hence the construction/re-construction, reverse technology of objects and successive rendering.

If a photograph is worth a 1000 words, a 3D rendering may be worth a 1000 photographs, since certain details may be enhanced, details may be presented in a different way, some information may be hidden if necessary, and objects can be visualized from all sides.

Working area of Swiss Style Automatic Lathe Group of mechanical parts in steel Part of drilling section in a non-realistic rendering Mechanical part exiting a computer screen
Realistic rendering of mechanical part Non-realistic rendering of automatic multi-spindle lathe representation of measurements of a small automatic lathe Non-realistic rendering of multi-slides automatic lathe working area
Explanatory non-realistic rendering of multi-spinde accessory Line rendering explaining functioning of lathe working area Realistic rendering of drilling area of lathe Non-realistic rendering of a lathe tool
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Lots of action here. Having a picture taken would have been a lot of work, and it never becomes that clean looking, anyway

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