Why copyleft should be, but it is not yet

The circulation of ideas is what made the human race evolve, no doubt about that. If we want to evolve more, we should maybe continue in exchanging our ideas, opinions, etc. Exchanging should be seen as a willing act, and a joyful exchange.

Will we ever get to this "perfect-word" situation? I really doubt it.
Because if I may offer my pictures for free, I can't imagine a big Publishing House giving me for free to read the complete oeuvre of Edgar Allan Poe. Even though you may find it here, for free and totally legal on the Project Gutenberg web site.

It would be great to find also the newest Harry Potter's book, right? But no, somebody has to make billion of dollars on your hunger of words to read. How this can be right or not, is doesn't belong to me to find an answer.

But as a small user and producer of a little bit of "intellectual property" of this misfortunate planet, I would love to be able to share all my production, but I have to pay my bills too, and I need to buy other intellectual property ...

So, if you are thinking of making use of something you may find in this site for NON PROFIT USE, please ask, make a reference and link to my site, and I usually give permission to let you use it.

But whatever can be considered BUSINESS or PROFESSIONAL USE, help me pay my bills paying the low fees I ask you for using my pictures.

Fair enough?



Why copyright is still necessary

In principle copyright is a great idea.

Il protects all of us authors of "intellectual property" from misuse of other people who have not worked as hard as we did to make a certain thing.

Like a picture, a difficult picture, a picture that is unique. Or a text which is somewhat a good text, or very good maybe. Good enough for the "unwilling" or "incapable" who ends up doing cut & paste instead of striving to find good ideas. Ideas have no "weight", and they don't fit in the colored box you receive in the elegant store where you go buy your clothes. But ideas are hard work too ...

But aside from the rightful purpose of copyright, the real power of copyright is of protecting the big corporations from others making profit (or even non making profit, but barely using) instead of THEM, the big publishing houses, etc. to continue making bundles of money using the geniality of somebody who, most of the times, is already dead and little inheritance was left for who came afterwards.

So the idea of copyright is, nowadays, 2017: "the bigger I am, the better and more powerful are my lawyers the more my rights can be enforced".

So what's left for people like me, who has not that "lawyer-fire" available in my bank account? Nothing.

Except that sometimes I get mad, and when that happens I become mean and stubborn.


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