3D Anaglyph Downloads

In this page you will find a few links to free software to make your 3D stereo anaglyphs with the least effort possible.

They all seem to work well, according to the users, and are the most widely known, but I haven't tested any of them, I do my assembling in Photoshop, where I have a lot more control over the results.

But if you feel lazy or Photoshop-challenged, you may want to go ahead and try these links.

3D Stereo Anaglyph Software - all freeware

Anaglyph Maker - Windows

StereoPhoto Maker - Windows & Mac

StereoPress - Mac


Also doing a Google search with "anaglyph free software" may help you to find more.

All this software works so-and-so, the best thing is putting together every image (as I do) but is very time consuming. Results and satisfactions may be paramount, tho ...


Delpiano's Photoshop Templates

I also strongly advice to read my tutorial, get the templates I have prepared for you and start doing 3D processing in Photoshop, it's simpler that you may imagine.

Download here the right template for your camera's MegaPixel:

Photoshop Template 3-4 MP

Photoshop Template 5 MP

Photoshop Template 6-7 MP

Photoshop Template 8 MP

Photoshop Template 10 MP

Photoshop Template 12 MP

Photoshop Template 14 MP

Photoshop Template 16 MP

Pictures for sale

For any use you may need to do of my 3D stereo pictures, you will find a wide selection (about 500) in the download page.

I need some money to keep up with my experiments.

Tx for your help.

All images & texts: Copyright Roberto Delpiano - 1997-2024