Carnival photography

I've always liked Carnival as a manifestation of colors and joy, the anarchic feeling of Carnival time.

I think laughing and being crazily happy is way better than being rich and tense. Life is good. And we can make it even better enjoying it while it lasts.

Covering for a few times the two most famous Carnivals, Venice and Rio de Janeiro, made me really aware of it.

I have here a small selection of my images, but you can find a lot more in the VENICE CARNIVAL and

Venice:  two masks in front of the Palazzo Ducale Top view of Mangueira Samba School parading Venice: sexy young woman with mask Rio: red colorful scene of dancers on a float
Rio: abstract image from people dancing fast Rio: rich setting for a Samba School parade Huge angry looking tiger mask is a float in Rio Carnival Two masked persons looking down in a Venice Carnival scene
Rio: smiling female dancer with a falling costume salutes in the parade Elegant Carnival Mask and costume in Venice sunset light Venice: Carnival Party in historic building Two Pierrot masks in the Carnival of Venice
photo gallery:

Masks in front of the Palazzo Ducale - Venezia

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