1980 - Moncalieri (TO)


Moncalieri (TO) ITALIA - April 1980
Associazione Procultura Moncalieri



As a young advertising photographer I had the chance of getting in touch with the Planimedia advertising agency of Luciano Bergesio.

As much as a jump into the advertising world (I don't really know if it was good or not for me, though ... I liked so much portrait ...)

it gave me the possibility of putting up my first creations in this wonderful church downtown the historical town of Moncalieri, in the outskirts to Torino.

The exhibition area was simply split in two areas. On the left the gorgeous paintings and drawings of Cinzia Modonese, a graphic designer at the time, a successful architect now, on the right my photo creations.

What I produced at the time were manipulated photographs, what now with the right software takes minutes in Photoshop, back then was hours of hard work in the red light of the darkroom. And also my first production of screen prints.

40 of my pictures were on display: photos, screenprints, darkroom multiple picture processing.

A copying machine was available to public and artists to experiment how to create on the spot.

No advertising or merchandising involved, Experimentation and Art only.



The basic idea behind this exhibition was that the machine was taking control of our lives and the artist was nothing more than the final instrument used to achieve a result.

That's why the names of the two artists are hidden in the "Codice Fiscale" how the Social Security Number is called in Italy.

Idea and realization was done with the graphic designer Giorgio Dabbene, and it was a volcano of craziness and creativity, done with a "modern" thermal Olivetti copying machine.

Piero Mussano and the Circolo Foto-Grafico "IL PRISMA" in Bruino provided sponsoring and encouragement, and we took off with our intuitions.

POP Art myths were explored, stereotypes demystified, common use objects were instantly brought to fame in the discovery of the immediateness of the copying machine, thanks also to the Olivetti Asti that believed in us and provided the - back then - awfully expensive and delicate photocopiers to produce our art.

The postindustrial look of the place where the exhibition was held (subterranean rooms of an Elementary School) perfectly matched the idea and allowed us to integrate part of the compositions with the ambiance.

About 30 polystyrene panels plus wrapping and freely adjusted creations composed the display.

A more modern toner copying machine was available to public and artists to create on the spot.


1982 - Asti (AT)


Asti (AT) ITALIA - February 1982
Comune di Asti - Assessorato alla Cultura



Back in the Eighties I was quite involved in Photocopy Art.

Oh yes, the machines and means of expression was pretty young back then, especially in Italy. This exhibition was made in Italy together with artist and friend Giorgio Dabbene, the town of Asti provided the sponsoring.

A scandal came out from the invitation leaflet. The star in the background of the inside page was associated with the Red Brigades emblem, and the star removed (with a photocopier!) from the invitation leaflets that were distributed ...
This shows how modern equipments can be very powerful in censorship. And that was 1982!

But what the public did not know was that the exhibition was made in two steps.

1- A music + video + participation performance was held in my photographic studio in Torino, and it intermittently lasted around 3 days.

2- Friends and curious participated and lots of images were produced, later transformed in photographs or collages still in the photocopy form. In this meanwhile the art material that was later to be presented was produced.

This time it was a regular toner copier so it allowed for some neat tricks printing on the same sheet of paper over and over.

There were about 80 images on display, all photocopies.

Guess the maximum was 34 times on the same sheet of paper ... quite crazy.


1995 - Venezia (VE)


Venezia ITALIA - February 1995
Museo del Palazzo Fortuny
Comune di Venezia - Comitato Carnevale di Venezia - World Carnival Show




During the 1995 Carnival in Venice I was invited by the Venice Carnival Organizer Bruno Tosi to show my pictures of Rio in the prestigious Museo di Palazzo Fortuny, a few blocks from the "Teatro La Fenice".

The Comitato Carnevale di Venezia was preparing at the time a more widespread exhibition of all different Carnivals in the world, and since that year it was decided to make a joined Carnival venture with Rio de Janeiro, whom better to display his photos to the Carnival multitudes?

Roberto Delpiano, of course.

So at this time I entered the big Venetian adventure, and since then I stayed in close contact with this beautiful city and its classic historical Carnival.

Around of 30 pictures and paointed photocopies of my production were on display in this exhibition.

Please check out my web site about the Carnival in Venice, it might be worthwhile.


1996 - Venezia (VE)


Venezia ITALIA - January-February 1996
Foyer del Ristorante "Al Colombo"



The same material of the previous year was displayed in 1996 in the prestigious "Al Colombo" restaurant.

By the time I had fallen in love with this peculiar aspect of Venice, and just longed to be there, where things happen.

The cooperative samba school "Porto da Pedra" also participated sending a dancer with full costume, feathers and all, and so we occupied all the Foyer at the "Al Colombo", for some time, among bottles of precious wines and other special delicacies.

Isn't art something that goes well with living in the right way? Do artists have necessarily to starve? I don't think so.

The restaurant "Al Colombo" is a place that can be considered more like an art gallery than anything else, there is no bare wall, only paintings and drawings of famous artists.

Great place to go, but it's very exclusive. It's the classic renowned artist's after hours meeting point. Check it out if you happen to pass by.

Oh yes, there wasn't much space where to hang my pictures, everything is always so compressed in Venice, but it is always a good way of showing your work to thousands of people coming from all over the world.



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