3D Anaglyph photography

Stereo Photography is as old as photography itself, even a little older. The first idea of 3D photographs is as old as 1838, with the officially accepted photography invention date on 1839.

Many methods for showing depth in the images have been developed in time, and carried on with more or less success and practical applications in real life. Worth to be remembered are the 3D movies in the Fifties.

The ANAGLYPH 3D STEREO method, the one that uses the Red/Cyan (or Red/Blue) glasses is one the most commonly used (although being one of the most imperfect), and doesn't require much equipment to make a good show, just cheap cardboard glasses.

As the 3D deployment is basically brainwork, to get the best results for the viewer, all information regarding the 3D image has to be dutifully prepared and processed.

The analysis of what the left/right eyes see and send to the brain, along with the resulting pre-fabricated sensation of depth are highly satisfactory, and give the viewer that extra information to destabilize his/her judgment, and to seek for the missing elements.

Anaglyph viewing can provide, besides the Z-axis view, a very interesting shape-decomposing image and an extreme perception of shapes without the glasses, and a returning "depth-normal" image once the glasses are on again.

Brain illusions, welcome to 3D Stereo viewing.



3D Anaglyph Anaglyph Galleries

The galleries you will find on these pages will show different results I obtained with the use of one or two digital cameras, some Photoshop tweaking and plenty of enthusiasm.

Move around by clicking your mouse on the picture's left or right side, or using "N" or "P" on the keyboard.

Most images have been taken with two digital cameras, fully hand operated, and they are also available for sale.
They have been optimized for the best viewing with cheap Red/Cyan glasses.

Improve your 3D pictures!

For who wants to dig deeper into the 3D anaglyphic world:

3D ANAGLYPH TUTORIAL - from shooting with one or two cameras to final assembly in Photoshop.

3D ANAGLYPH SLIDE BRACKET - the one I have created and commonly use.
I may be able to build one for you too in the near future.

- Free 3D Stereo Software - easily done with free software..
- Photoshop Templates - for who wants to achieve the best.


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