Portrait photography

Portraits of persons in their own environment, spontaneous, life-like or Studio Portrait either with the relation among photographer and subject or the photographer hiding in its invisibility behind the camera.

Posed Portrait, the human becoming object, the object receiving life.
The magic of the old times, the tension of the preparation, the release coming with the sound of the camera shutter.
I shoot two images only, in 4x5" b/w plate, different positions, in a quest for perfection.
Artistic power of the view-camera.

Young woman with white dress in meadow with flowers Bearded young artist with hat and glasses Mugshot of blond small boy Rio Carnival: angry expression on face of man with woman make up
Posed picture of male saxophone player Venice Carnival: effeminate men with traditional costume Young woman on a beach hugging a dog Very young kids on kindergarten toilets
Artist wrapped in aluminum foil Bare-breasted image of woman torso Solarized image of young artist in his room Young woman sitting at bottom of long staircase in historic building
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I love this shot takeng after a long day's photo shooting

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