Websites Portfolio

Websites created from scratch and under my administration:
1997-present - You’re stepping on it right now.
All CSS, Javascript and PHP driven website with different sleek solutions for images feeding, galleries, pre-loading and upgrade, in continuous evolution, but not too much.
Fast access as a priority. No waiting time.

190+ pages - English & some Italian.
All PHP, and mostly Database driven (MySQLI)
Thousands of fast loading images.

Revamped interface: 2020
2022-present - Shows all my production of artistic Screen Prints from 1976 to 1997, with high resolution images and the Maria Callas story about the Screen Prints signed by Silvano Caselli.

20+ pages in English.
20+ pages in Italian.

All BootStrap 3.4.1 driven
100% cellphone & tablet ready.

1997-present - A growing reality made to glorify the Commedia dell'Arte iconography and history. High quality images, the best the web can provide, and Venice Carnival seen from my cameras, regular film cameras or 3D digital ones.
Initially made in HTML, evolved in PHP, partly database driven (MYSQLI).

180+ pages in English, with High Quality Images & Multi Pages and still growing.

Revamped interface: 2021
2022-present - Historical website presenting the art of Canaletto, his paintings and drawings, the Rococo and XVIII century art focused on showing paintings from Canaletto and some of his contemporaries.

All CSS, Javascript and PHP driven website with High Resolution images, and Pop-Up software as a main feature, to show the best quality of each painting or drawing.

The website makes an analysis of the XVIII century painting, and what was going around in those times in the world of Art.

40+ pages - 1000 HiRes images - English.
PHP - All Database driven (MySQLI).

100% cellphone & tablet friendly.

Website section in

Carnaval do Rio de Janeiro
1998-present - mainly a showcase on my pictures in the years I happened to be inside the Sambodrome shooting around with film cameras and all.
All BootStrap 3.4.1 driven - cellular ready.
11+ pages in English.

New interface: 2018

All images & texts: Copyright Roberto Delpiano - 1997-2024