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Animal portrait is like fishing, in a way.

In taking pictures of animals I've learned how to deal with them (framing the perfect cat picture and then the little furry *%$#+ turns away and walks out right when I press the button), and how to patiently go over and over again after a new shot.

I got involved in the project of calendars and agendas with animal pictures by Editrice Castalia - Torino - Italy, in the end of last century and enjoyed the experience quite a bit.

White rabbit looking in camera Dog standing on wooden chair Cat with weird sunglasses Cat laying in front of music CD shelf
Tiny little ducks near a pond Two very young dogs Cat looking intensely ahead with big eyes Young ostrich feeding with leaves
Scary black cat on white background small and cute monkey in a yard environment Cat sitting on table with old books and lamp Fat squirrel with peanut in its mouth
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What's that ... a Nikon? Don't you have an Hasselblad by chance?

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