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Animal portrait is like fishing, in a way.

In taking pictures of animals I've learned how to deal with them (framing the perfect cat picture and then the little furry *%$#+ turns away and walks out right when I press the button), and how to patiently go over and over again after a new shot.

I got involved in the project of calendars and agendas with animal pictures by Editrice Castalia - Torino - Italy, in the end of last century and enjoyed the experience quite a bit.

Black/white cat with intense stare Rabbit uneasily sitting on a stove Parrot holding a peanut in its beak Cat looking inside lighted aquarium
Close-up of big dog Fat red cat portrait Two piglets Big eyes staring on a tiny cat
Grey cat looking at ease on chair with triangular fabric underneath Small bassett dog with checkered clothing seen from the top Small turtle looking up at vintage computer drive Scared little cat looking out of a big tube
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