Here I am, happily smoking away. Bad habit, really bad Me. No idea  where this is coming from, but I like it Cool glasses, isn't it? well, try to be onstage with all those cables ... Here I am with Silvano Caselli, 1996. We were doing a job together, the Maria Callas silkscreening Not easy to get a lift, even in the seventies. But it kept me moving quite a bit I play saxophone since I stopped smoking, to make my brain and my lungs happy
New Year's Eve in some California friend's house Is this art? With my relatives-in-law Sergio and Gabriel Ribeiro If you ever saw the movie DANGER: DIABOLIK (1978), you would get the joke Somewhere with my parents. My family didn't own a camera, had to loan it from a better-doing uncle Selfie with flowery shirt. Only way of getting pictures of myself
Yes, I've been a toddler too With my friend Roy Roman before a sax improvisation at a fashion defilé in Torino The one in the back is a church: Capela Curial de São Francisco de Assis, Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais. Architect is Oscar Nyemeier (it figures ...) Too bad I have no idea where those glasses went! As cool as possible with my Hawaiian shirt style (style #3) Some gig in a Rock environment, not very fancy, but still lots of fun

Roberto Delpiano

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Here I am, happily smoking away. Bad habit, really bad