In some castle in France, taking 3D anaglyph pictures The Barboon, smoking times, Tom Waits music. Ferruccio Scanzio the Producer and Director, not on DVD but in youtube Expression showing that I have teeth and personality Me again. 1987, young and daring Onstage again playing soprano sax. I love the soprano, but it's lots of work, some Pink Floyd stuff here Trying oput a wig to test its charming power
With the gang from 'Suprema Corte', Brazilian prog-rock band, lots of fun Since quite a bit of the pictures about my life were never made, I supply with drawings. Political demonstration here With my 2nd wife and 4th caipirinha at a friend's anniversay party. Can't remember who this was, though Those were the selfies! Non-selfie era, taking it easy across the USA Privacy moment during my first USA cross-country voyage The man with the thousand faces, or maybe not, just me
One the of the main recommendations I would give to somebody when they have to take a self-shot to send out for work, is of giving a little look in the mirror before shooting ... too late! How can you not have a picture like this. Maybe you can't. But if you went to Venice in those days  it was a must Oh man, another boring selfie. Green shirt and green hair, no Photoshop here! Caught while working. I have to pay the rent too, still not rich after 45 years of working hard One of my duties with the mother-in-law (beware of the mothers-in-law!) is of playing cards on sunday. High time! Compañero Delpiano, hasta la victoria siempre! More or less: Chinese souvenir cap and serious-me-expression for selfie

Roberto Delpiano

"Please allow me to introduce myself ..."

This is my special ego trip page, where I would like to share my face and moments of my life.

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And check out my little movie: THE BARBOON
by Ferruccio Scanzio Production, real stuff from the eighties ... in Super 8! Full Colors!

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In some castle in France, taking 3D anaglyph pictures