Onstage again. Tenor sax, I love the tenor sax sound The Barboon. Scanzio Movie Production, 1985, probably. Full color in super 8, sound! Cute, was I not? My mother would have liked a girl, it didn't happen When you hitchhike you learnhow to be patient, and take your time. The backpack on the ground was all I usually needed for a bout a month abroad Cool and cool. Ready to go shooting a wedding somewhere in Italy Good old Polaroid. My first camera, but too costly
Carnival time in Rio. I love to lie in the hamac, always did In Torino, after a small 3D Anaglyph photograph presentation in some cool place Copacabana Beach, a couple blocks from my actual home, taking a stroll Iguazu Falls, one of those tourist organized routines. It's fun, though On a plane again with my spouse, Lise Sedrez. Going places, maybe for work, maybe not With friend Mary Mackey one day at the 'Cidade do Samba' in Rio de Janeiro
Duda, our neighbour's cat. I seem to get along with dogs and cats alike, same IQ, probably Festa de São João, just an excuse for working less and having fun Another flute performance with RFM, in Rio de Janeiro High School, worker class environment, growing up There was a time when I payed Bossa Nova too, here a sketck, Gigi, the singer and band leader C'mon, try to beat that! Makes your crossing the street safer, colors!

Roberto Delpiano

"Please allow me to introduce myself ..."

This is my special ego trip page, where I would like to share my face and moments of my life.

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And check out my little movie: THE BARBOON
by Ferruccio Scanzio Production, real stuff from the eighties ... in Super 8! Full Colors!

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Onstage again. Tenor sax, I love the tenor sax sound